Sunday, 19 March 2017

🏈 😃 🏃 Rippa Rugby with Bill 🏈 😃 🏃

Our reflective statements on our Rippa Rugby Lesson with Bill!

I liked learning new things and Rippa is my favorite sport- Jess. B

I liked getting a goal!- Riley

I liked it because it was fun!

I loved getting a try! I didn't like not versing all the teams and my tags kept falling off!- Anna. W

I like the game because I like ripping the tags off the other team.

I like rippa rugby because I like going out for sport and playing rippa rugby. - Teia

It was fun. So much fun.- Calauz

I liked the games because i love rippa rugby!- Trevor

When we got to have a fair game of rippa rugby, that was the best.- Leigha

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  1. Hi Room 4 I like your reflective statemanets. I'm glad you enjoyed Rippa rugby.


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