Sunday, 13 August 2017

Healthy Eating with John Muir!

Over the past two weeks, Room 4 has been working with John Muir from Team energize. We have been looking at the four different food groups, what different foods do to our bodies and how much sugar is in the drinks we consume!

Room 4, has been exceptional at knowing what's in the food they eat. They were the first class ever, that John has taken to correctly order drinks based on their sugar content.

Here Room 4 are organising foods into the four food categories (Grain foods- make us Go, Meats and proteins- make us Grow, Fruit and Vege- make us Glow and Milk and milk products- make us Grow.)

They were then challenged to create a balanced meal using all 4 food groups with the correct portion.

Later, John worked with us to fine tune our running style and abilities in the lead up to our school cross country. Needless to say, running with incorrect form and style makes running look and feel ridiculous!

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